War of the guardians

The war of the guardians
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 Story of the War

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PostSubject: Story of the War   Wed May 02, 2007 8:43 pm

Being on the other side is permitted!
also is being neutral.


If you are in the story PLZ DO NOT VOTE!!

The Story of the war:
It started out with 3 people of the three levels the levels are evil controlled by Mr. Evil, Light Controlled by Mr. Angel, and netrual controlled by no name, or known as me verna. Mr. Evil left his place and made a warrior more powerful than himself. His name was Mr. Smith. So Mr. Evil attacked me and blocked Mr. Angel from helping me. Then the war started. It happened to every place that has ever been heard of, Earth, Mobius, The ninja world, And the fox town. There were other places that were in the fight but have not been known of four powerful warriors, me, Cml, Neo Hyper Shadow, and Shadow Rpg helped put a stop to the war and made peace. But it to be savedwas not over for I had to fight Mr. Smith by my self so that my allies would not be harmed I hurt him and took half of his hp but ended up trying to kill me. In the end he was trapped and I was hurt but not dead for he could not kill me in the way he tried. Cml discovered a shocking discovery. That I was not totally good or evil. He gave me what I needed. And I was rejuvenated, Mr. Smith escaped and hid himself somewhere. I do not know but I sense him getting stronger ever yet. Only Cml knows the way to heal me and I can not tell any one else for if I had I would be betrayed, hated, and forced to the other side and help Mr. Smith. Of course other helped and other heroes joined but we do not know them. A few more battles ocoured after the ultimate battle between Mr. Smith and I. The battles were won......... but the war is not over.

Seelkadom has joined the other side I'm am fighting Mr. smith alone again. I'm losing badly and need Cml. i have been captured and am waiting for some one to get me. the heroes have dissaperared and now Mr. Smith rules the universes. Will there be any one to help and free me. he has conquered every place except for the fox town and Mobius. Verna has fainted and now. now its Mr. Smith vs shadowrpg.
Shadowrpg a traitor! He joined the other side and now will Mr. Smith and shadowrpg rule? How could shadow rpg. Surprised While the heroes were gone they went to the town and destroyed it. Our only help are the members, and the heroes Mr. Angel, and most important for my to awake Cml. And why would shadow try to kill me? Cml has come and gave me what i needed. i put a barrier in the town and make refuge in mobius and wait for enemy's to come. Ninjas left there homes with the rebels join them but will they be able to fight to powerful beings? I start to fight shadowrpg but then Mr. Smtih killed him with a bomb planted in him. Now with one less person to take care of there still is seelkadoom and Mr. Smith will Cml, and I be able to take care of them with out Mr. Angel? shadowrpg lived the bomb but he quit the war out of......Oi....... any way how will the war become with out shadowrpg? While making refuge in mobius and saving earth they meet ramen who wants to join my squad and help us defeat Mr. Smith. With new power from the ninja town mobius, the fox town, and earth will fight to stop Mr. Smith from conquering the world. Now the new heroes known as the great Tri-team have joined forces, Cml, Ramen, an I have joined together, control the army and are the three highest ranked men. Seelkadom has come back and joined Mr. Smith. As they train, they decided to vs me with me being by my self and ramen and cml against me. We do it and I win though they were close. While they train, they see shadowrpg he thinks about joining again and he might. ramen tries his new powers and sees he is more stronger than before and can move faster. This is the strongest Trio ever seen on earth. The guardians and rulers of the fox town. New hope has arisen.

Shadow rpg joined again but has to start anew. We train and do our patrols. As the heroes leave I go to face Mr. Smith by my self, I know he took half of my powers to get stronger and I intend to make him his old self again. As they fight I try harder than ever to get my powers back
Mr. Smith is not used to his powers, and loses and I make him his old self. Big mistake right when I did he did become his old self but that mean he became stronger and we fought with the sounds that travel through the universe. I retreated knowing that i would need help to beat him I almost did but then I was captured again and knocked out but this time I used my powers and escaped this time not being captured. As they continue to train verna make a virtual thing of smith, then shadow makes other things to practice with. Ramen and cml are getting stonger yet and so is shadow and I.

A new power power has arisen. Cml, Ramen, and I have learned new moves, ramen can now unleash the demon in him at will, Cml can now move and attack faster, and my kinds prince(the highest rank is prince there is no king or queen just prince and princess) has died and i took his place so now i am Prince Verna. And i have gotten the princes powers and improves every thing about me. Also, Cml, ramen, and I can combine our powers to to get rid of every thing in our path. Fox town has been ambushed, Shadow goes evil again. I go into a coma, will the world be able to be saved? Came out of a coma and is still training to be able to beat Smith but its just too hard for me.

While we were in a battle, we meet sonic_andre who wants to help us in the war, and during one of the fights Shadow discovered that I am a *has been blocked if you want to know pm me* He begs me to make him one and I say no because he has evil in his blood. so now he looks for a vampire or vampaneze( like a vampire except they kill the people they drink from) I made him half vampire, then during training I made him a normal hedge hog again. I thought he would become the lord of shadows. and they learned that I was the grand son of MR.Tiny. In the end shadow was evil and I had to kill him and was sent him to the lake of souls. he lives there now in prepetual maddness.


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Story of the War
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